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June Events

Wednesday, June 24: Chapter Meeting
Join us for an insightful evening with data and privacy expert Cat Coode, Director of Forensics Aniko Kiss, and a panel on diversity in cyber with Dr. Eman HammadNathan Mante, and Abimbola Adegbite! Register here: 

Thursday, June 25: Hispanotech Webinar
Join us this Thursday at 5:30 on a webinar with Hispanotech to discuss certifications and COVID-19 impact on the industry! Registration
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Announcement – Call for Committee Members – CLOSED

Hi members!

We are looking for passionate individuals to become Chapter committee members in support of the following teams:

  • Director (Membership Chair): Led by Rizwan Kalim, this committee will support the Membership Chair activities including membership maintenance and CPE collection activities.
  • Director (Secretary): Led by Ana Fukushima, this committee will support activities including record-keeping and maintenance. This committee will also have access to assist with other Chapter events and projects.
  • Director (Treasurer): Led by Sean Webb, this committee will support activities including accurate record-keeping of all chapter receipts and expenditures.  This committee will also have access to assist with other Chapter events and projects.  
  • Academic Partnerships Director: Led by Ferris Adi, this committee will support the Academic Partnerships and certification activities, such as research regarding various paths to certification.
  • Communications Director: Led by Jason Tong, this committee will assist in gathering and distributing information about past and future Chapter events through Chapter communication channels.
  • Audit & Compliance Director: Led by Raphael Adeyemo, this committee will assist in creating governance processes, including but not limited to by-laws, audit committee activities, and process documents.

Please send your applications to [email protected] by April 12 at 12PM with the following: 

  1. Full Name
  2. (ISC)² Number, if applicable
  3. Past Board or committee experience, if applicable
  4. Past Contributions to the Chapter or Information Security community
  5. Resume or LinkedIn profile link

All Chapter members may apply. Please direct any questions to [email protected]

Thank you,
Victoria Granova
President, (ISC)² Toronto Chapter

Announcement – 2020 Toronto Chapter Board of Directors

Hi members,

I’d like to give a very warm welcome to our new Board team for the 2020 year! 

Director (Membership Chair): Rizwan Kalim
Director (Secretary) : Ana Fukushima 
Director (Treasurer): Sean Webb
Academic Partnerships Director: Ferris Adi 
Communications Director:  Jason Tong 
Audit & Compliance Director: Raphael Adeyemo    

I’m very excited to make great things happen for our community with these passionate individuals  this year.

Best regards,
Victoria Granova
President, (ISC)² Toronto Chapter 

Message to members: Connecting Online

Hi Members,

I have been hearing from many of you that networking has always been the highlight of our chapter meetings and you will miss the opportunity to meet and build meaningful relationships with fellow members of the infosec community.

The current COVID-19 situation won’t stop us from continuing to learn from each other and build our networks. The health and safety of our members is paramount, so we will explore ways to stay connected remotely through online channels and provide similar networking opportunities.

With this in mind, I have set up our very own (ISC)² Toronto Chapter Networking platform for us on Slack, to connect mentors and mentees, job-seekers to employee-seekers, and like-minded professionals to continue to build fruitful relationships. Sign up with us here:

If you haven’t already signed up with us to join our official membership list, fill out the following survey (replacing the prior SurveyMonkey link):   

Of course, don’t forget to register for our next Chapter meeting on March 24 here, held online:

Stay safe everyone!

Victoria Granova  

President, (ISC)² Toronto Chapter

Announcement – Open Board Positions – CLOSED

Hi everyone!

I’m very excited to continue as Chapter President and add more value to our members. In these trying times, I aim to continue our mission of providing educational content and connecting information security professionals across the GTA.

Of course, we would need to form a team of passionate individuals to make this happen. We are now accepting applications for the following open Board of Directors positions:

  • Director (Secretary): The secretary will have possession of the records of the organization and of the board of directors.
  • Director (Treasurer): Responsible for keeping an accurate record of all chapter receipts and expenditures.
  • Academic Partnerships Director: The Academic Partnerships Director will be the certifications resource for Chapter members, and will work to forge partnerships with academic institutions.
  • Communications Director: The Communications Director will gather and distribute information about past and future Chapter events through Chapter communication channels.
  • Audit & Compliance Director: The Audit & Compliance Director will ensure that governance processes are created and upheld, included but not limited to by-laws, audit committee, process documents.

If you’d like to apply to the above roles, please email [email protected] with the following information by March 25 at 12PM:

  1. Full Name
  2. (ISC)Number
  3. Past Board Experience
  4. Past Contributions to the Chapter (if applicable)
  5. A description of your experience, skill-set, and drive as pertaining to the role you’ve selected (300-500 words max.)
  6. Resume (Optional)

All (ISC)2 members in good standing may apply.

Note – each director role will be supported by a committee, so we will be putting out additional calls for volunteers for committee member roles in the future.

Looking forward to making great things happen together!

Victoria Granova

President, (ISC)Toronto Chapter

Election Announcement

Dear Members, 

On behalf of the election committee, I’m pleased to announce that Victoria Granova is elected uncontested as the new (ISC)² Toronto Chapter President, effective immediately until December 31, 2020. 

Victoria served on the Chapter board from January 2019 to February 2020 as a Director (Treasurer), led the first Chapter meeting of 2019 with a panel of female industry leaders (Crafting a Future in InfoSec), setting the tone for more inclusive representation in Chapter meetings. Victoria has since led and/or contributed to all Chapter events, most recently the February Chapter Meeting and representation in industry conferences. Victoria’s online marketing strategy raised the profile of the Chapter in the online infosec community and grew our membership. Victoria also served as the interim President from February 2020 to the present. 

Special thanks for the election committee, Jeff Clark, Rizwan Kalim, Raphael Adeyemo, Sean Webb, and myself, Ferris Adi. Please join me to congratulate

Victoria and wish her all the success in her endeavor.

Best regards

Ferris Adi,  member of the election committee

Elections: Call for Presidential Candidates – CLOSED

Hi members,

I’d like to welcome our election committee members who will facilitate our 2020 election process: Rizwan Kalim, Jeff Clark, Ferris Adi, Raphael Adeyemo, Sean Webb, and myself Victoria Granova, as Chapter President, for guidance and oversight only.

We are having an election for the role of President for the period of April 15 to December 31, 2020

Note: As the Chapter currently operates on a calendar year, it will be a short year in 2020. Start date is approximate, contingent on the timely conclusion of the election process. 

Role of President: Lead the (ISC)² Toronto Chapter by setting a strategic direction for the Chapter, building a competent and passionate Board team, creating sustainable partnerships, and empowering the Board to fulfill Chapter goals. The President will keep the membership informed about Chapter plans and activities and preside at all meetings. 

To apply to be considered as a candidate for this election, please provide the following information in an email by March 17, 2020 at 12PM to [email protected]

1) Full Name

2) (ISC)² Number 

3) A description of the benefits you would bring to the Chapter as a Presidential candidate (max. 300-500 words). This may include highlights of your contributions to the Chapter or the information security community, past Board experience, and/or your future strategic plans for the Chapter. You may also indicate whether you would like to be considered for a non-Presidential board position, should your candidacy be unsuccessful in this election process.

4) Your resume (optional)

Candidates must be (ISC)² members in good standing. If successful, your application will be shortlisted for the election process, which will occur electronically and be open to all (ISC)² Toronto Chapter members. If you are successful, your application may be shared with the members by the election committee as part of your profile.

Update: The election committee has determined the following criteria for shortlisting candidates: 1) Chapter involvement 2) Board experience3) Preference will be given for security board experience and demonstrated relationship building

Voting: To be eligible to vote, members must be an (ISC)² member in good standing and must be registered via our membership registration link:

Please address any questions to [email protected]  

Thank you,

Victoria Granova
President, (ISC)² Toronto Chapter

The (ISC)² Toronto Chapter is back at SecureWorld on April 23, 2020

Hi Chapter members!

SecureWorld Toronto cybersecurity conference will take place April 23rd at the Beanfield Centre. Enjoy a full day of high-quality training, CPEs, and networking! 

The (ISC)² Toronto Chapter will have two sessions this year in the conference. Agenda, details, and discount codes for (ISC)² Toronto Chapter members can be found here:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,
The (ISC)² Toronto Chapter Team