Awareness Month

Security Professional Community

Eventbrite Links for Cybersecurity Awareness Month:

Oct. 8 Lunch and Learn: Directors’ Panel on Careers and Progression

Oct. 14 Technical workshop: Stairway to Remote Code Execution

Oct. 20 Lunch and Learn: Fireside chat with Parry Aftab

Oct. 24 Learning Cybersecurity with Garfield (for Parents and Kids!)

Oct. 28 Lunch and Learn: Code Attribution

Oct. 29 Defense Evasion in Windows Environments and Third Party Risk

Lunch and Learn series for Canadian Small and Medium Businesses:

  1. Oct. 13 Building a Cybersecurity-Aware Culture
  2. Oct. 14 Fireside chat – Data Governance & Privacy
  3. Oct. 15 Fireside chat – Discussing Cyber Security in the SMB World – Practical Tips