As an (ISC)² member you may have received an e-mail from [email protected].com notifying you that you have been enrolled into a course titled ISC2-DEVSECOPS-MBR – DevSecOps: Integrating Security into DevOps.  The e-mail has a link and instructions to login with the e-mail address you associated with (ISC)².

Perhaps, like others, you were wondering what this was about and if it was legit.  Short answer is, yes…it’s a legit education course.  (ISC)² has enrolled  members into this course, and as is with a lot of their other content delivered by Brightspace.

The online course has an intro, 5 modules, an assessment, a survey and a list of references.  Not sure how long it is at this point, but if you go through the material and achieve a min of 70% on the assessment, you’ll receive 5 Class A CPEs.

DevOps, merging agile development with Ops (security incl) throughout the development life-cycle, has gained a lot of traction where business lines want rapid development of systems with reliable delivery.  Add in everyone focusing on security throughout that life-cycle and you get DevSecOps.

ISC2-DEVSECOPS-MBR – DevSecOps: Integrating Security into DevOps

Module 1: What is DevOps, concepts and foundations
Module 2: Develop a Security Strategy within DevOps
Module 3: Changing the Culture: A How-To
Module 4: Implementing a Successful DevSecOps Program
Module 5:  Monitoring and Key Performance Indicators